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Yazeid Rahman

No one loves playing bass as much as Yazeid Rahman does. This energetic and passionate bassist has never failed to make audiences notice him - in a good way.


Ironically, his first instrument was not the bass guitar but the acoustic guitar - a gift given to him by his father at the age of 10. Though he did not show much aptitude at first, it ignited his musical journey. 


With years of experiences in hand, including a Merit in Grade 5 Theory from the world's most prestigious music certification, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), he was called upon to be a bass & guitar instructor in Thunder Rock School of music. Even in teaching, much of his passion and enthusiasm is still seen from him.


in November 2011, Yazeid's charismatic bass playing caught the attention of pub band The Common People. He was roped in and together they formed KINGS. Yazeid's talent was unleashed and shone tremendously through weekly live gigs. He is also not left rested, as he is often called upon to substitute for other cover bands’ bassist.

Another milestone for him, is when one of ESP Guitar’s endorsee, Simon Yong, got him to session for his debut album ‘Alien Stole My Whiskey’ in 2013, which they eventually did a Japan tour in 2014. Success for them grew as Audio-Technica, one of the biggest audio equipment company, got them on-board to be their ambassadors for the System 10 Digital Wireless System.

In all, every performance of his is guaranteed to captivate audiences. Yazeid's groovy bass lines and impressionable moves inspire both the crowd and even fellow musicians.

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