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People: Deon Toh (DEON)

July 3, 2015

Singer-songwriter Deon Toh (who also works under the moniker DEON), is a multi-instrumentalist. Its no wonder some students get confused when this professional drums instructor takes the stage and starts belt out his original compositions, while strumming along on the guitars or hammering on the keys. With his sophomore album ‘Oceans’ coming up, let’s talk to him before he takes the stage again for this album launch.




1. Whats unique about ‘Oceans’ as compared to your previous works?


D: This is a conceptual album, from start to finish, the theme of circles and cycles is perpetuated. The central message of the album is that life moves in circles and cycles - life goes on. So take heart in what ever challenges you face. Each song in the album has a story attached to it. It is actually also a travelogue. Each song was inspired in a different country and state (Toronto, Reykjavik, Amsterdam). Hence, the album art also depicts a lion (lionhearted-ness) traveling the world in search of answers - his answer is the central theme of the album. The songs, lyrics, messages, song titles, and art all tie back to the core idea - circles and cycles.




2. What can we expect at your album launch?


D: The band and I will be playing all the songs. What you hear on the record will be played as organically as possible on stage. When writing the music, I’ve always factored in its playability on stage. I love the organic sounds of instruments and even when samples are triggered by the members, its done only when they actively do so, so the energy remains at a very natural state. What all my shows have always offered so far, a warmth and audio-friendliness that will please listeners; also the band and I are very friendly, relaxed, informal, and fun on stage. It’s always been very interactive, relaxed and fun. Audiences are gonna have a great time, unwinding and enjoying the music too.


3. What’s next for you?


D: Right now we are still heavily promoting the new album, so until we’ve thoroughly done it justice, we will just be playing shows and doing more videos (stay tuned for that).


Purchase DEON's album launch tickets here:



website: www.deontheband.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/deontheband
instagram: @deontheband
twitter: @deontoh


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People: Deon Toh (DEON)

July 3, 2015

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