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People: Jovin Lim (Drums)

September 17, 2014

Jovin Lim has been working his way up the drumming circle in Singapore ever since he first became a Thunder Rocker. Having performed with various bands and toured overseas, he has developed into the perfect mentor to help young students become better versions of themselves.



1. How long have you been drumming and what got you on it at first?

Wow, it has been 13 years journeying way back to my secondary school days in concert band. I will never forget that faithful moment during band practice when I heard my fellow bandmate playing the groove for “That Thing You Do” on the drumset; and that was it, I became hooked. I still remember getting punished for sneaking into band room during breaks just to play the drums.


2. Who are your greatest drumming heroes both locally and internationally?

Mike Johnston has always been my inspiration, both as a great drummer and educator. He is able to communicate to his audiences and help us understand concepts at a most personal level, which will leave you feeling encouraged and motivated to practice, all with a hint of humor.



Locally, my list could go on forever as there are too many of them to mention! On a personal level, my greatest heroes will be my family. My mom and dad, although they are not musicians, have always been very supportive of everything I do. Simon (Yong) and Joanna (Lim), have always been there for me and guiding me musically. Last but not least, Brandon Khoo who always believed in me and was the main man who roped me in to Thunder Rock School. 


3. Who are some of the artistes do you play for and what are your future plans?

I’m playing with KINGS, DEON, and also in church (Hope Church Singapore). Additionally, I’m also doing a couple of session works (e.g. Brandon Lee). Currently, I’ve just finished recording drums for DEON’s upcoming album and really looking forward to the finished product.



Looking ahead, I see myself in music education where I hope to be able to grow as an educator and share the love language of music through drumming, and helping them to realize that it is indeed for everyone. It is not about being the best, but being your best. 


4. What gear do you use and why?

I’m endorsed by Pork Pie Drums USA & TRX Cymbals, a huge shout out to Benny Lim from Singapore Drum Shop for the opportunity and also for bringing in great products. Thank you!



Pork Pie Drums was one of the first few drum companies that left a deep impression on me when I was younger. The amount of craftsmanship behind it coupled with the natural warm tone behind the drums is simply amazing. Bill Dentamore, the man behind Pork Pie, was able to interpret my dream drumset and bring it to reality. To be part of it is indeed a privilege.


As for TRX cymbals, I must say that it was such an honor to be part of it. I remember clearly having a long indecisive moment in selecting my cymbals because they all sounded so good, especially the Dark ICONs. On the recent tour I had with DEON, I had to make do with an 18” crash as a ride cymbal due to baggage constraints. With the versatile 18” dark ICON, it worked wonders for me. 


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