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Discover, nurture and unleash the musician in you with music lessons at Singapore's premier boutique music school.

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Students: Siblings Sean (Guitars) & Samantha (Drums, Vocals, Keyboards), Part II

August 17, 2014

Siblings Sean and Sam have grown with Thunder Rock School over the past few years. Our instructors have seen them mature into diligent young teens and couldn't be more proud of them. When George, their loving father, first brought them in, instructors Martin Kong (Drums) and Simon Yong (Guitars) took them under their wing and have never looked back since.



We now talk to Sean, the older brother, about his experience at Thunder Rock.


Click here to watch the siblings rock out with Simon Yong [Facebook login required]:





1) How did you get started with learning music?

The first instrument I picked up was actually the cello. I didn't really like the cello for some reasons I can't remember and to be honest, I hated it. I was watching someone play the guitar, which piqued my curiosity about it. I told my father about it and we had a lot of guitar teachers but most wouldn't work out because of various reasons. Until one day, my father chanced upon a name in a community project (none other than Thunder Rock School) and brought my sister and I there. We had our first trial lessons with our respective teachers (Koko Simon and Koko Martin) and although I felt a bit shy, I enjoyed the lesson and all the other lessons from then on.


2) What are some your favourite genres and songs?

My favourite genres are Rock and Pop. Some of favourite songs include, "Starlight" by Muse, "Superheroes" by The Script and, "Amnesia" by 5 Seconds Of Summer.


Watch Simon in action:


3) Any favourite artistes?

Come to think of it, I don't really have a favourite artiste. However, I do like music produced by my guitar teacher, Koko Simon.


4) What do you wish to achieve in the future with music?

This is a hard one...hmmm...I probably would play music for leisure and maybe go to a few places to play music but I don't really have plans to be a famous musician.


5) Name us 5 things you love about Thunder Rock School?

This is easy!
1. Amazing teachers who are very friendly and approachable.
2. My lessons are more of a "free-choice" type of lessons where you can choose whatever song you want and be able to play it.
3. The learning environment is good and I find it quite enjoyable.
4. I get to jam with my sister there and/or teachers there too. It is a very special kind of experience.
5. The school is big and spacious. Even the rooms where lessons are carried out.


Watch Martin in action:


Thunder Rock School

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T: 6456 8722


43 East Coast Road, 2nd Floor, S428764

T: 6348 7203


E: info@thunderrockschool.com

W: www.thunderrockschool.com

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