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Discover, nurture and unleash the musician in you with music lessons at Singapore's premier boutique music school.

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Students: Siblings Sean (Guitars) & Samantha (Drums, Vocals, Keyboards), Part I

August 3, 2014

Siblings Sean and Sam have grown with Thunder Rock School over the past few years. Our instructors have seen them mature into diligent young teens and couldn't be more proud of them. When George, their loving father, first brought them in, instructors Martin Kong (Drums) and Simon Yong (Guitars) took them under their wing and have never looked back since.



We talk to Samantha, the younger of the pair, about her experience at Thunder Rock.


Click here to watch the siblings rock out with Simon Yong [Facebook login required]:





1) How did you get started with learning music?

I got started learning music with basic and simple steps. I just did simple classical piano lessons and moved on to other kinds of music later on with drums and vocal lessons (under Keys & Vocals instructor Lisa)


2) What are some your favourite genres and songs?

Some of my favourite songs are "Pass Me By", "Loud", "Starlight", and many more. My favourite genres are Rock and Pop.


Watch Simon in action:


3) Any favourite artistes?

In particular, I love the singer Ross Lynch. I love his looks, voice and band. He has this awesome band called "R5" ! Ross Lynch has many songs that I love...I love them all! 


4) What do you wish to achieve in the future with music?

I wish to achieve my goal of being a famous and popular singer/musician. Being a musician has so many of benefits to me that I cannot even state them all here.


5) Name us 5 things you love about Thunder Rock School?

The first thing I love about Thunder Rock School is how the teacher are so happy, cheerful, patient, kind, caring and funny [Thunder Rockers: WELL THANK YOU]. Secondly, Thunder Rock School looks FABULOUS! Thirdly, the teachers treat us like family. Once, my drum teacher Martin Kong (Koko Martin) asked my father whether lessons could be extended and it so happened that I was really hungry. So, Koko Martin brought me across the road to have a meal. Once we were done, we then continued with the lessons and had loads of fun. Fourth, how the teachers know that sometimes we need more time  for class. They would extend the class when necessary, when there's too much to learn. Lastly, how the teachers make the classes fun for us, the students. THANK YOU VERY MUCH THUNDER ROCK SCHOOL! 


Watch Martin in action:


Thunder Rock School

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T: 6456 8722


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T: 6348 7203


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