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Gear: Simon Yong (Guitars) & Josh Wei (Violins)

July 22, 2014

As performing and touring musicians, the gear that accompanies us becomes essential in unlocking our full potential on and off stage. Read about what Simon Yong and Josh Wei have to say about their weapons of choice, as well as being endorsed by audio giants, Audio Technica.



1. What are the upcoming projects/gigs/tours you guys have?


S: Other than my regular nights with Shirlyn & The UnXpected, the Simon Yong Band will be performing on the 16th August (Saturday 7pm) at Hood Bar's Saturday Original Sessions 3rd Anniversary. We will also see Jack & Rai, King Kong Jane, and Ugly in the Morning in action on the same night too!The band and I will also be doing an intimate session (with a surprise guest singer) at Blu Jaz sometime at the end of September before heading off to our Tokyo/Osaka tour in October. And hopefully I'll be able to start recording my 2nd album at the end of the year!


J: I’ve a couple of upcoming projects coming up with a various artistes. Ignite Music Festival and an EP Launch with Gentle Bones, music/video release collaboration with The Sam Willows and an EP listening show with Sarah Cheng De Winne all happening in the next few weeks! I’m also excited to be hitting the studio to record strings with In Each Hand A Cutlass for their album, which will be produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Veruca Salt etc.)


2. Name some of the trusty gear you must have by your side when you perform/record/teach.


S: Kyra, my fully customized ESP guitar is the main axe I'm currently using for all my performances, rehearsals, lessons, and even just practicing at home. I play it everyday. On the board, the cheapest pedal you can ever find happens to be the most important pedal I cannot go on stage without. The compact and lightweight Boss FV-50 volume pedal. It allows me to "mix" my own volume without having to trouble my sound engineer all the time, especially when I'm playing in a band that performs tunes from Dream Theater to The Carpenters to Jimi Hendrix and to Lana Del Rey. Every song, sometimes even within the song itself, has different "weight" and dynamics.And finally, when I'm given a bigger stage, the Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless allows me to move around freely and safely, and not worrying about tripping over cables. I've seen with my own eyes before, the poor fella fell and sprained his ankle, and the band had to stop the show immediately. 


J: I currently use the AT350, Wireless System 10 and the IM04 In-Ear Monitor. In the studio, I use a variety of microphones from Audio Technica’s wide range. I’m still discovering different qualities of the many microphones they have to offer. The ATM350 paired with the Wireless System 10 allows me to move freely around the stage and be truly absorbed in the music. More importantly, with its crisp and well-balanced response, it gives my instrument the sound that it deserves. 


IM04 In-Ear Monitors deliver the music in its truest form, the way it’s meant to be heard. The AT4080 & AT4081 Ribbon’s are my personal choice of microphones and I offer them to all recording engineers that I work with. The microphones compliment the timbre of my instrument to produce a warm, sandy and vintage sound, one that is much less heard these days.


 3. Any interesting incidents/stories about the gears you use, be it on stage, or off stage?


S: I trust the products I endorse. The very first time I tried the Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless live was playing to a full house Singapore Indoor Stadium while opening for Irish band The Script. 



During last year's PALME show at Marina Bay Sands, while demonstrating the System 10, I decided to leave the audience for a while and took a stroll around the hall (filled with ten thousand other booths blasting away their hifi system, speakers, and many other hi-tech electronic devices). Still playing my wireless guitar, I walked pass many booths that were showcasing their own brand of audio technology and electronic devices (some were wireless mind you!). I started thinking to myself "Maybe I should have rehearse this earlier!" Eventually I returned to the Audio-Technica booth and everyone was clapping for me. There was no radio-interference and my guitar signal was clean all the time I left my “safety zone”. After the show, the guys from Audio-Technica said to me, “You’re mad Simon!”


Well I jumped off the stage all the time with no rehearsals. Everything was pretty much spontaneous. Sometimes I would end up 20 meters away from the stage in the crowd. 


4. Congrats on being supported by Audio-Technica. As a musician how does AT help with your daily routine, and/or shows?

S: The guys from Audio-Technica are very supportive. They listen to you, they go to your gigs, and most importantly, they support music made in Singapore. As an AT artist, besides supporting me their highest range of AT products, they helped me promote and push my music to as many audience as possible. We would sit down for a long coffee chat to discuss about future projects. It's an absolute privilege working with them. 


J: To be an endorsed artiste with Audio Technica is something I’d never imagine happening at my age and it is indeed an immeasurable privilege to be representing them.


AT has generously endowed me with the Wireless System 10, ATM350 & IM04 In-Ear Monitors for which I am truly grateful. On top of that, they loan me whatever I may need for in my daily work routine, be it recordings, rehearsals or shows. They also offer consultation and solutions on all my technical needs and they are always a phone call away for me. It’s definitely a blessing to have such a relationship with them and we are all definitely looking forward to the future.


Photo credits:

Jensen Ching (Josh)


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