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Gigs: ENEC.E - Baybeats 2014

June 16, 2014

ENEC.E (pronouced as anecdote), broke onto the scene by claiming top spot in Thunder Band Slam 2012. Ever since, they have been playing in festivals and gigs in and around Singapore. Lisa, who plays keyboards in the band became a vocal and keyboard/piano teacher at Thunder Rock School in late 2013. Before their next gig at Baybeats 2014, we talk to Lisa to find out what the band has been up to.


1. Tell us how your band came together and what your name means.

My band ENEC.E was formed for the competition Thunder Band Slam 2012 and was initially known as Maltiss (from the word MALT-ese, as the use of the initials of the 4 core members), then we changed it to Chromatics during the semifinal stage because Maltiss could be mistaken as maltese the dog breed and we settled with ENEC.E (read: en-nec-dote) after we came out as the champions, (because Chromatics is a very common band name) we wanted something original and memorable. ENEC.E came from the word anecdote, which means a story about an incident or a person, which we then modified it to become enecdote and now we have the "dot" simplified into a dot(.). 


2. Winning Thunder Band Slam - tell us about the experience.

I never ever thought that my band would win Thunder Band Slam because technically, each of the band members was far from decent and there were so many other bands with strong identities, great musicality and much more experience, competing against us. It was a huge shock to me when we were announced as winners. I saw the other bands' shocked faces too that day. It was unbelievable and I still wonder how it could happen and what would have been if that did not happen to us - very, very grateful.


3. You guys have come a long way since then, and have been recently been invited to play at Baybeats 2014. What are some memorable times the band shared?

We had a band sleepover and spent the night watching shows and sharing heart-to-heart topics. We are still growing together as a band, as musicians and as friends. Not everything was smooth but we are grateful to have at least experienced the thrill we get on stage as we perform our own music.


4. Tell us more about what you'd expect to achieve by playing at Baybeats.

We would love our music to reach a wider audience with some new materials that we have been working on while we were on a performance hiatus. We miss being on stage and are just excited to share it with the audiences.


5. What are your future plans?

We are finalizing the arrangement for all our original songs. The band is working really hard to make it sound really good and want it to be original. We should be heading back to the studio to record our EP soon. We might have underestimated the project and ended up delaying it for some time already. As all of us were busy with school and exams,  we did not want to force the issue. Now, we are just taking time to do everything at our best ability.


Catch ENEC.E at Baybeats 2014 on Day 2, 28th June at these times:

5:00pm - 5:30pm

8:00pm - 8:30pm

at the Chillout Stage (Esplanade, Concourse).

To find out more about the band, do visit: 




hunder Rock School

227A Upper Thomson Road, S574359

T: 6456 8722


43 East Coast Road, 2nd Floor, S428764

T: 6348 7203


E: info@thunderrockschool.com

W: www.thunderrockschool.com

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