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Bands Overseas: Martin & Caracal at Canadian Music Week

May 29, 2014

Thunder Rock School's drum instructor Martin Kong led his band, Caracal, to Canadian Music Week 2014. Read more about his thoughts on the experience of traveling and performing with his band.


How has traveling as musicians improved the band and its individuals?


Travelling with the band is something I look forward to. We get to spend time to check out a new country and discover different cultures; lug our gear around; play shows; eat and discover great food places; plus, watch other bands. It's something we all like to do. As for improving as a band , I guess spending so much time together subconsciously bonds us - it lets us work together and look out for each other more. Things are always different from when you just spend time with someone, as compared to actually living with someone. We learn to accept each other for who we really are, hence naturally working together better.

How different are the Canadian audiences from the Singaporean ones? Do talk more about the CMW showcase you guys did.


In Canada, there are so many avenues and venues to watch and support bands. It is their lifestyle to go to a bar, pub, or venue to have dinner and grab a drink; at the same time they watch and support bands playing and rocking out to their original songs. They generally just start supporting and following the band if they think they are cool! So, we played our showcase at Cherry Cola's Rock n Rolla at 8pm. We were the first band of the night and we pretty much didn't expect many people to turn up. To our surprise, people actually came early and checked us out! Crazy thing is, since we were mastering our album there, our master engineer Joao came with a bunch friends. It so happens that his buddy Luke from Protest The Hero came for our show. MINDBLOWN. To sum it up, audiences in Canada are easily more open to listen to any kind of music - which I feel is lacking in our country.

You've mastered your album in Canada, can you talk more about it?

We mastered 2 tracks of Bear. Shark. Wolf. with Joao Carvalho and loved his finishing touch to Leonard Soosay's (our producer) monster mixes. We decided to master our 2nd full length album with him and saw the opportunity to attend the session. We met him for the first time and were completely blown away by his professionalism and humility. True and genuine to his craft as he listened and reciprocated every query and request we had for what we wanted. It is a good combination - Joao and Leonard. We can't wait to let you guys hear it!

When will the new album be out and what should listeners expect?

Listeners should expect a sneak peak around August and a release in October.


To find out more about Caracal, do visit:




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Photo Credit: Lim Jie

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