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Simon Yong's

Guitar Course Outline

Photo taken by Ruevan Tan

Guitar for Children

(Age 5 to 8)

  • Correct and safe playing posture

  • Basic counting

  • Basic sight reading

  • Basic picking and strumming techniques

  • and many more!

Beginner Guitar

(Ages 8 and above)

  • Guitar parts and their functions explained

  • Basic Music Theory

  • General rock/pop history

  • Aural awareness and ear training

  • Finger exercises and workouts

  • Power chords, cowboy chords

  • Basic improvisation

  • and many more!

Intermediate Guitar

  • Trinity Rock & Pop Syllabus Grades 3 - 5

  • "You-Should-Know" classic rock/pop riffs and licks

  • The CAGED system

  • Basic techniques (alternate picking, palm muting, vibrato and others)

  • Songwriting and learning how to be creative

  • Let's Jam!

  • Play the music from your head, not your fingers!

  • and many more!

Advanced Guitar

  • Trinity Rock & Pop Syllabus Grades 6 - 8

  • Fretboard visualisation and navigation: Outside the comfort zone

  • Extending the fretboard

  • Chords construction, exotic scales, modes, and arpeggios explained

  • Playing in odd time signatures

  • Advanced techniques (two-hand tapping, sweep picking, shredding and others)

  • Finding your sound

  • Achieving tone control, touch, feel & expression

  • Getting into the creative business industry

  • and many more!

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