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Discover, nurture and unleash the musician in you with music lessons at Singapore's premier boutique music school.

Thunder Rock School tailors lessons to your musical needs. Call us today!



The Best Music Lesson Experience in Singapore



Embrace your freedom to imagine and harness your tenacity to follow your dreams.


At Thunder Rock School, instructors live by that motto and encourage their students to do the same. 


Courses are more than just about learning a particular music instrument. They are also sessions for activating each student's musical capacity and realising his or her potential.


Dedicated to cultivating Singapore's music scene, our instructors are a team of carefully selected professionals with a place in the music industry.

It is our belief that the freedom to imagine and create will inspire our students to follow their dreams. To ignite their musical journey, students are provided with performing opportunities at different venues in Singapore.


This will equip them with a strong foundation for their passion in music.



Belting and projecting with us are:

Piano & Keyboards


Thunder Rockers are committed in tailoring the most effective guitar syllabi according to the needs of musicians of all ages. Whether you prefer the driven tones of an electric guitar or the mellow strums of an acoustic guitar, our instructors will impart you with the knowledge that you seek to attain.


Expect to learn many different techniques of guitar playing to be better equipped to rock out in any occasion.

Strumming and shredding with us are: 

  • Simon Yong(Reverie, KINGS, The DayTrippers, Simon Yong Band)

  • Jude Lee* (Nick Chim, West Grand Boulevard) 

*Provides Ukulele lessons


The bass guitar is often overlooked in a band as the bassist stands at the back. What many do not realise is the importance of the rhythm section -- bass and drums, in providing support for the whole band. Not only does the bass make a band sound fuller, it also drives the music with its groove. 


Learn to groove with strong basslines and understand the varied playing techniques for different styles of music.

Slapping and plucking with us are:

  • Jude Lee (Nick Chim, West Grand Boulevard) 

You want to play the keyboard, but you are intimidated by the array of black & white keys staring back at you. At Thunder Rock School, learn how to play them well while having fun at the same time!


Our lessons focus on helping you understand fundamental music terms, chords, and techniques. Over time, you will be able to play your favourite songs confidently, and even improvise with melodies and chords.

Hitting the blacks and whites with us are:

  • Joanna Lim* (Reverie, KINGS, The DayTrippers, Simon Yong Band) 

*Provides classical training



Drums have always been an integral element in music throughout the ages. The percussive rhythm works hand in hand with melodic basslines to form the backbone of a band.

Our drum course at Thunder Rock School focuses on the fundamentals of being a professional drummer. We cover everything from drum rudiments, sticking patterns and time-keeping, to the essentials of playing drums just like your favorite idol, no matter the genre.


Banging the drums for us are:

  • Jovin Lim(Hope Church Singapore, KINGS, DEON, Dewhimsical)

*Provides cajon lessons


Music Theory