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Alif Putra

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Photo taken by Alfred (@alfred.twj)

Nur Alif Sulaiman A.K.A (Alif Putra) defines all that is "ROCK".

His on-stage showmanship, charisma, his unique look and incredible talent captivates audience and sets him apart from his peers.

A recognised musician in both Singapore and Malaysia, Alif's popularity in both countries continue to skyrocket!

Alif's profile catapulted when he was voted Best Musician in 2008 (Mediacorp Anugerah Band) and Best Guitarist in 2009 (Yamaha Asian Beat).

He was also handpicked to open for Metallica in Singapore in August 2013 and performed with his band 'Antares' in front of a 40,000 strong crowd.

He also went on to win a Guitar Competition in 2014 (LAMC's Steve Vai Challenge) and was invited to jam with Steve Vai during his concert in March that year.

Alif has performed all over the world since his emergence and continues to "ROCK" every venue he steps foot in to this very day.

He now plays regularly on Saturdays with his rock band Peep Show at Wala Wala Cafe Bar.

Alif's philosophy in teaching is that it is not just about understanding the world of music or guitar playing. He would like to share his personal in depth techniques on how to discover and unlock your personal musical identity and especially performing on stage in front of audience with confidence.